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Tennis fans know all about love. At the U. On the women's draw, New York fans will surely be rooting for year-old Venus Williams to win her third Open—particularly when her younger sister, Serena, is not in the draw—but expecting big news of her own. Singer Luke Bryan and wife, Caroline Boyer, left no doubt as to who they're rooting for at the And some, like actor Keegan-Michael Key, understood that the key to enjoying U.

Celebrities holding a fan

Shia Labeouf. By no means is Cuomo a casual soccer fan. Meghan and Harry considering a second base in US. There was also plenty of musical royalty at the Open's early rounds. And all three champions looked invincible in their opening round matches. Then the emotions set in.

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It seems that he is also intense towards his fans. When he got the chance to meet Victoria in after a game, he did everything he could to turn Celebrities holding a fan fantasy into a reality. Kevin had surgery for 3 fractures on his back and is undergoing intensive therapy. Celebrities are nothing without their adoring fans. One of the rapper's security guards thought wiser of it, and quickly hauled him away, but the fans kept brawling. It'sssss TIME She is currently the Editor-in-Chief of video game culture and lifestyle website Gamemoir. Sexual Assault Case, Victim Dies. Little backstory Euphoria star Peyton Clark enjoys a relaxing afternoon with his cat. Jeetendra Shobha, a flight attendant in her early days, is said to have been a huge fan of Jeetendra. Y'know those Back injury childhood affect adult escalators at Universal Studios Hollywood? Play video content Breaking News.

In the age of iPhones and Instagram, selfies with celebrities have replaced the traditional autograph.

  • The son of "Tarzan" star Ron Ely said he had a gun and pretended to draw the weapon before 4 deputies fired a total of 24 rounds, ultimately killing the actor's son
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  • The entertainment world is full of mysteries and surprises.
  • Celebrities are nothing without their adoring fans.

Celebrities garner massive amounts of attention. Why should we focus on our own lives when the life of a Kardashian is so different and exciting?

And it doesn't have to just be Kardashians. Fans of music, sports, and movies all have their own celeb crushes and poster children. We just want to know everything about these amazing people who have taken the world by storm.

What clothes do they wear? What choices do they make that put them ahead of the pack? What does Beyonce eat? What elixir of youth has kept Steve Buscemi alive so long? How much deodorant does Justin Bieber use? You can see the problem.

If you aren't careful, that celeb crush can slip into a full-blown obsession, and before you know it you're sitting in a conversion van across the street from Adele's house and holding a telephoto lens. Then the emotions set in. Jealousy, anger, rage, whatever. Every now and then, this attraction toward famous people proves fatal.

These celebs received the wrong kind of devotion from dangerous fans. According to Time , Selena befriended Saldivar soon after the fan club was founded in and eventually hired her as an assistant and later as manager of the Selena Etc. That's when the trouble began. Saldivar was fired after reportedly embezzling funds from the Grammy winner.

Some time later, Selena agreed to meet with Saldivar at a Days Inn in order to retrieve some financial records. It was there that Saldivar shot Selena. She was sentenced to life in prison, most of which she has reportedly spent in solitary confinement for her own protection, according to TMZ. The murder of up-and-coming actress Rebecca Schaeffer has had lasting legal impacts. According the Los Angeles Times , Bardo stalked Schaeffer for three years prior to the killing and had even sent her letters and tried to meet with her on the set of her sitcom.

When his gestures went unanswered, the Tuscon, Ariz. Bardo then paid his crush a fatal visit, reportedly ambushing her when she answered the door. Interestingly, Bardo also had a copy of Catcher in the Rye on him at the shooting, but he denied any desire to emulate John Lennon's killer, reported the Los Angeles Times. After Schaeffer's death, legislation was passed to prohibit DMV employees from disclosing addresses.

Many folks say they'd like to die doing what they love, but not on a murderer's timetable. Damageplan and former Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell, 38, was shot while performing on stage December 8, His killer was diehard Pantera fan Nathan Gale, a former football player and U. Friends described him as a good guy until something snapped.

Gale reportedly began thinking that he'd penned some of Pantera's songs. During the fateful show in Columbus, Ohio, the year-old reportedly rushed the stage screaming, "You broke up Pantera!

Young Russian artist Mikhail Lermontov was forever immortalized after his friend and admirer, Nikolai Martynov, killed him a duel in At age 26, Lermontov was making a name for himself as a poet, author, painter, and soldier, but he was also earning a reputation as a partier and prankster. The latter may have led to his demise.

According to Russia Behind the Headlines , Martynov was reportedly teased relentlessly by Lermontov and eventually grew so tired of it that he challenged his friend to a duel. Lermontov accepted, but during the face off, he fired into the air, while Martynov aimed for the heart. That story is the stuff of legend, and it's unclear if Martynov suffered any consequences for the killing, but Lermontov's fate was sealed.

His funeral was attended by thousands, and to this day, he is considered one of history's greatest poets. The object supposedly dented his skull, killing him, but that story has since come under question.

Outside of the death itself, perhaps the worst thing about John Lennon's death at the hands of Mark David Chapman on December 8, , is that it happened for virtually no reason at all. Chapman was reportedly a Beatles fan earlier in his life, but he wasn't truly obsessed with Lennon until Chapman himself experienced a religious awakening. And he wasn't driven by some subliminal message he supposedly heard, but by the hypocrisy he thought he heard in Lennon's lyrics. In addition to that, Chapman targeted Lennon simply because he thought killing someone famous would make him famous, too.

To that end, he approached Lennon, asked for an autograph, got it, and then came back later to shoot him dead.

All because he wanted fame. He got infamy instead. We know this to be his motive, because he's admitted as much. When up for parole — for the ninth time — in September , he told the board as quoted by the Telegraph that he had "a true sociopathic mind," and that he wanted to "shoot [Lennon] so that [Chapman] could be somebody. He was up for parole again in , but received his tenth rejection to the surprise of absolutely no one.

Christina Grimmie was an up-and-coming year-old superstar. She had just wowed viewers on The Voice , placing third in her season, and was branching out on her own. That is, until a crazed fan named Kevin James Loibl murdered her in front of stunned fans on June 10, As reported by Click Orlando , Loibl was described by his friend, Cory Dennington, as a severe loner who, over the previous year or so, had grown psychotically attached to Grimmie.

He would watch her videos on YouTube non-stop, altered his appearance through Lasik, teeth whitening, and hair implants so he might look good for her, and got angry whenever Dennington pointed out that the chances of Loibl winning Grimmie's heart were less than slim to none.

Finally, Loibl decided to meet Grimmie, and apparently decided that if he couldn't have her, nobody could. On June 10, Grimmie was signing autographs after a show when Loibl approached. Rather than getting something signed and leaving like everyone else, Loibl grabbed the guns he had somehow smuggled into the building and shot the singer.

Her brother quickly grabbed Loibl, who managed to escape, only to shoot himself dead right after. Grimmie passed shortly thereafter. On June 23, during the World Cup , Colombia — one of the favorites to win — dropped a shocker to the United States, thanks in part to an own goal from Colombia's Andres Escobar. He attempted to block a shot but instead dribbled the ball past his own goalkeeper. In a just world, this would've simply been an embarrassment for Escobar — instead, it wound up sealing his fate.

On July 1, Escobar was at a restaurant in his hometown of Medellin, Colombia. He got into an argument with some patrons over the goal, and the patrons ended the argument by shooting him multiple times. According to The Independent , one of them shouted "thanks for the own goal! According to Fox News , the shooter, a gangster named Humberto Munoz Castro, received 42 years in prison, though he got out after just His bosses and accomplices, Santiago and Pedron Gallon, never received punishment, as Castro refused to snitch on them.

Gangsters getting involved caused many to suspect that, in addition to being fans, Escobar's killers were heavily involved in drug trafficking and gambling, and that a lot of money rode on Colombia making it through.

Since they didn't, the gangsters blamed the own-goal guy even though the rest of the team played badly, too , and made sure it was the costliest error of his life. All rights reserved. Celebs killed by their fans. Rebecca Schaeffer. Dimebag Darrell. Mikhail Lermontov. Albert Ebosse. John Lennon. Christina Grimmie. Andres Escobar.

Spears has numerous rude fan encounter stories under her belt. Found the story interesting? Arjun Reddy remake Adithya Varma trailer out. I literally saw her across a crowded room, literally. Paltrow is one of the most disliked celebrities in Hollywood. When he got the chance to meet Victoria in after a game, he did everything he could to turn his fantasy into a reality.

Celebrities holding a fan

Celebrities holding a fan

Celebrities holding a fan

Celebrities holding a fan. entertainment

As we reported The operator had said Cameron was out of breath and crying. Ron played "Tarzan" on the s TV series, and had several other appearances on other hit shows. He married Valerie a former Miss Florida in They had 3 children together. LeBron James ' Taco Tuesday tradition is making a big impact this week LBJ -- who was forced to evacuate his Brentwood mansion when fires got dangerously close to his home -- sent his thanks to the people battling the blazes with delicious tacos.

The King ain't the only celeb chipping in to help Of course, Bron is known for being crazy excited to celebrate his weekly ritual LeBron also spoke about it at Lakers practice, saying "My appreciation and loyalty to the first responders. Those men and women are unbelievable, with what they're doing and their bravery throughout this time.

Kelly 's been ordered to use the money from his extensive music catalog to pay his ex-wife child support. You'll recall Drea's been coming after Kelly for back child support, and at one point he was so far behind on payments he ended up in jail.

He eventually squared things up for that tab, but he's gotta keep up with the monthly payments. According to the docs, Kelly's asking the court to cut him a little slack , but for now the judge says the dough must be drawn from those hefty royalties. As we've reported, Kelly's had plenty of financial issues Kelly is currently in jail awaiting trial on numerous federal and state charges.

Drake didn't just cop insane NBA championship swag for himself On the back, there's a raptor clinging on to the Larry O'Brien trophy If the jacket looks familiar We take it Kawhi Leonard 's is in the mail?? Little backstory Tyler's acre complex sits on what used to be a Confederate Army base, and Ed's house on the lot was, apparently, an officer's residence. It sounds like Ed was warned about haunted activity, but wasn't fazed Now, you gotta see him describe what happened the first night he turned off the lights.

Let's just say, he flipped 'em back on less than 10 seconds later. As Ed puts it, living and breathing houses will make ya do that. It's no joke to Ed Sources close to the comedian tell TMZ Kevin does not intend to sue driver Jared Black , whom the CHP determined caused the crash by driving recklessly.

In fact, we're told Kevin's not even going to file a claim with Jared's insurance company to cover his medical bills and the cost of the Plymouth Baraccuda, which was totaled in the single-car crash. The fiancee, Rebecca , is Eniko's personal trainer.

We're told Kevin will use his personal health insurance to cover medical costs. It's not like he needs the money. It's unclear whether he's just going to write off the value of the car. The medical bills are going to be huge. Kevin had surgery for 3 fractures on his back and is undergoing intensive therapy. All of that put the medical bills in the stratosphere.

Here's the kicker If he does sue, there's a problem, because no one in the car was even wearing their safety belt. So, even if there were harnesses, it wouldn't have done anyone any good if no one strapped in. The wild card It'sssss TIME Trump has been a longtime supporter of the UFC and Dana White -- in fact, White has publicly credited Trump for being a key figure in turning the MMA promotion into the juggernaut it is today.

And, get this The Patriots play the Ravens in Baltimore the next day. President Trump's sons, Don Jr. And, it'll be VERY interesting to hear what the always outspoken Nate Diaz has to say if he gets the mic after the fight! Kevin Spacey won't be charged in a sexual assault case in Los Angeles because the alleged victim died during the investigation TMZ has learned. Spacey was accused of forcing a male massage therapist to touch his genitals during an in-home session back in The therapist claimed he suffered emotional pain and distress from the incident The L.

County District Attorney's Office just rejected the case because the alleged victim passed away during their investigation.

Without a victim, the D. Law enforcement sources tell us the man died of natural causes a few weeks ago. We broke the story County D. The D. Spacey was also the target of investigations in London and Nantucket. Blueface 's concert suddenly turned into a massive brawl Punches were flying -- and almost everyone was pushing and shoving -- when Blueface stopped mid-song, he jumped offstage and headed straight for the center of the melee. One of the rapper's security guards thought wiser of it, and quickly hauled him away, but the fans kept brawling.

It's pretty crazy Cooler heads eventually prevailed, with the help of security, but folks who were there tell us Blueface bounced and the concert got shut down early. Cops were called and they arrived after the fight had ended. No word from police yet on any potential arrests or injuries. Hulk Hogan says he's been forced to change planes in Iceland after things went horribly wrong during the landing Hogan says the plane was grounded due to "all that crazy stuff happening" -- but says a friend of his from Minnesota who stopped at the same airport offered seats on his plane to get them to Riyadh.

We're working on trying to find out exactly what went wrong -- but as far as we know, Hulk and the rest of his passengers are expected to make it to Saudi Arabia in time for the event. Hulk isn't wrestling at 'Crown Jewel' -- but he's selected a 5-man team to take on another 5 superstars hand-picked by Ric Flair. Kanye West says Jesus has freed him from the clutches of the Democratic Party, which he claims has brainwashed the black community into aborting children.

The rapper made the controversial remark during an interview with radio personality Big Boy about politics, his new album and black culture. While Kanye's already been widely accused of abandoning the culture -- due to his support for President Trump -- he doubled down by telling Big Boy African-Americans don't really have their own culture. West also refuses to take pictures and give out autographs to his fans. Spears has numerous rude fan encounter stories under her belt. She allegedly screamed at an 8 year old fan and even name called the poor girl.

He reportedly spit on his fans and even calls them with rude insults. He also does not sign autographs and frequently shows up to his concerts late.

Numerous fans of the former Disney star report that LaBeouf is a rude celebrity. He was once accused of actually threatening to kill a fan. While the rabid supporter was noted to be annoying, people found it to be mean especially since it was only for an autograph.

She also got a maid fired once when she asked the star for an autograph. She also insulted a stewardess for getting her the wrong order. Her ex-husband Kris Humphries has old voice mails and texts from Kardashian. She also does not take pictures and give out autographs to her fans.

Margera is known for his outlandish stunts and extreme pranks. It seems that he is also intense towards his fans. Some claim that he is entitled and arrogant. He once called a female fan fat after she wrote that she thought Brown looked skinny in an Instagram photo. He is also rude to people who criticize him on Twitter.

19 very awkward photos of celebrities with their fans

In the age of iPhones and Instagram, selfies with celebrities have replaced the traditional autograph. Some celebrities have taken a stand on the matter, issuing a hard pass on taking photos with fans. Find out who they are, ahead. Big Little Lies star Shailene Woodley went on the record with Glamour in September regarding why she doesn't take any photos with fans on the street.

And I refuse to buy into that, especially for younger generations. No, no, stop. Everybody, listen, I love you guys. Game of Thrones ' Kit Harington is a massive star, especially overseas.

When he opened up to The Guardian in October about the GoT fandom, he spoke about how he eventually has to turn down photos with fans.

It feels like being Bieber or something. He admits he even has days where he won't take pictures at all with people. In a interview with CNN , the actress opened up about having a microscopic lens trained on her and how it has affected her mental health. Something that's helped her cope is sometimes saying no to fans who request a selfie. Like, if I'm at dinner and I'm eating and somebody wants me to stand up and take a picture, it's like—that's actually helped with my anxiety, is knowing that I don't have to say yes and I can say no," Lawrence said.

If I went to dinner, I was wrapped up and then I was like, you know what? I don't have to do it. I can just say no, and that's helped a lot. So it is hard because you don't want to feel rude, because they're people, but at the same time, I have to defend my life and my mental wellness.

Since his explosion as a movie star, Pratt has become familiar with the downside of fame. So I just don't take pictures with people. Because that's not about enjoying the moment; it's about stealing the moment to brag about later," Pratt said. In a February interview with Vanity Fair , the Beauty and the Beast actress opened up about her qualms with with fan hysteria in a social media age.

After a man rushed her last year, demanding a selfie, the comedian swore off pictures with fans. The Inside Amy Schumer creator said that although she asked the man to stop taking pictures of her, the assailant told her, "No.

It's America and we paid for you. But I was asking you to stop and saying no. As someone who started in Hollywood as a preteen, the singer has become quite jaded with fame. Along with canceling his meet-and-greets at the time, Bieber also argued that just because people buy his music, it does not give them the right to invade his privacy with ceaseless pictures.

In an April interview with Nylon , the Game of Thrones star opened up about her newfound fame since her television show exploded in When imagining herself in the shoes of fans, Williams said she would prefer to hang out with someone she idolizes, rather than snap a photo with them, which is why she's become put off to taking fan selfies.

The tweet—which Lorde posted in , around the time her debut single "Royals" became a hit—called attention to how, despite being legal, photographing people in public is is an invasion of privacy.

In a December interview with Paper magazine, the Parks and Recreation star slammed the public's obsession with celebrities and social media. In the interview, the comedian revealed that she has a hard time saying "yes" to fans who ask for pictures while she's out in public. It immediately takes me out of the experience. The former Disney Channel star has been in the Hollywood game since she was But that doesn't mean it's gotten any easier.

In an interview with Barbara Walters in , the "Malibu" singer revealed that she's extremely awkward in fan pictures, which is why she usually sticks out her tongue to nix any awkwardness. As a royal, Prince Harry is fairly old-fashioned. While at an event in , the year-old reportedly turned down a fan who requested a photo, telling her, "No, I hate selfies. Seriously, you need to get out of it.

I know you're young, but selfies are bad. Just take a normal photograph. Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr.

What's hot. A version of this article was originally published in August Shailene Woodley. Photo: David M. Ian Somerhalder. Kit Harington. Jennifer Lawrence. As one of the biggest actresses in Hollywood, Lawrence is bound to have her opinions on fame. Chris Pratt. Emma Watson. For the Harry Potter star, fan selfies can potentially lead to an unsafe situation.

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Celebrities holding a fan

Celebrities holding a fan

Celebrities holding a fan