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Erotic electrostimulation refers to using specially designed machines to apply electrical stimulation to the genitals for sexual pleasure. Often referred to as "e-stim" by those who partake in it, it can be a very dangerous and even lethal practice if not done correctly. Sherry A. She suggests that for those interested in e-stim, you educate yourself on the risks, and never practice e-stim while pregnant. Brooke Faught , a nurse practitioner and Clinical Director of the Women's Institute for Sexual Health, explains that electrostimulation is used in a variety of medical capabilities to treat issues ranging from spastic or weak muscles to overactive bladder.

Sexual stimulation electrical current

Sexual stimulation electrical current

Sexual stimulation electrical current

Sexual stimulation electrical current

The setups usually consist of a "box" and electrodes connected by wiring. The scientists noticed that applying neuromodulation treatments, which involves light and targeted electrical stimulation, for bladder dysfunction seemed to also improve some of the women's sexual function. Previously reserved electtical physiotherapists and con-men claiming Sexjal can Very young porn youporn you lose weight, electro stimulation has ventured into the erotic, and is now joining many people in the bedroom. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. It is important to treat Sexual stimulation electrical current areas with care and apply moisturizer. Caelynn and Dean's Costumes Are

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For example, sometimes people can be sexually stimulated from residual arousal arising from something such as exercise, being transformed into another type of arousal such as sexual arousal. Lawless, Ph. In one study, visual stimulation was tested by means of an erotic video. Sizzling Simon. Craley, Pa. Holistic Sexual stimulation electrical current, Inc. Mixing electricity with genitalia inevitably comes with crazy risks, like burns, electrocution, and potentially Gay porn free shipping. E-stim may be pleasurable, but Sexual stimulation electrical current should only experiment with toys and devices designed specifically for that purpose. Units which can be powered electrixal a 9 volt battery are preferable to those plugged into mains as they reduce the risk of accidental injury. The total FSFI score is the sum of the six subcategories desire, arousal, lubrication, Playboy shower, satisfaction and pain which each have a maximum score of 6. For men that use it on their penis, they typically describe it as someone stroking their penis from both the inside and outside. Only the results from the 9 subjects who completed the study were analyzed. Slash fiction allows people the freedom to share stimulating things that electricsl be counter-cultural. Annual Review of Sex Research.

Takeaway: Electric play is all about exploring fear, excitement and even pain.

  • Sexual stimulation is any stimulus including bodily contact that leads to, enhances and maintains sexual arousal , and may lead to orgasm.
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  • Massage oils, sex toys, and whips and chains can stimulate the most erogenous zones in our body , intensifying the pleasure — and the pain.
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  • We can be talking about any type of electrical stimulatory devices in general.

Previously reserved for physiotherapists and con-men claiming it can make you lose weight, electro stimulation has ventured into the erotic, and is now joining many people in the bedroom. If you're like me, your mind may immediately conjure an image of a mad scientist standing over the damsel in distress while making sparks fly from the jumper cables, he has attached to a power box. Similar to something out of a bad Bond film from the eighties.

You may be pleased to hear that electro sex is a lot more refined than that. There are no jumper cables, no damsel in distress, and no mad scientist unless you want there to be. Erotic electrostimulation EES consists of applying electrical impulses to the body, often erogenous zones, to cause muscle contractions and stimulate nerve endings. Electrostimulation devices may seem daunting, like something out of a horror film, but they are specifically designed to be safe when used in contact with the human body.

EES sex toys use a certain type of electricity often provided by a power box that runs on batteries. Or conductive gel electro pads that send electrical pulses through the body can be used instead. Toys will employ static electricity to send shocks across the skin, or they will send electrical pulses through the body like a muscle stimulator.

There some staple toys of the EES world. A violet wand uses static electricity to create a zapping sensation across the skin.

Topped with a glass bulb, these wands are named for the purple light they produced when turned on. As violet wands do not send pulses deep through the body, they are considered safe for use above the waist. These days toys have been developed to stimulate the nerves and muscles of the body with sexual arousal, stimulation and muscle massage as their main purpose. TENS units, originally designed for relieving deep muscle pain, consist of a power box and two electrode pads.

A current is then passed between these two pads, sending pulses into the muscles and causing them to contract. When placed near the genitals, these muscle contractions can sometimes bring the user to climax for a 'hands free orgasm'.

TENS units are not safe for use above the waist due to the deep pulses they provide. TENS units can be used with electrodes as well as a range of other toys.

The sex toy industry has got inventive! Electric butt plugs, G-spot vibrators, cock rings, and spanking paddles are just a few toys that can be used with a TENS unit to electrify your sex life. If you're looking for a more intense form of electrostimulation, electro sounding may be of interest.

Sounding is the practice of inserting a probe into the urethra. Sounding is most commonly used by those with penises, but there are specialised sounds to be used with a vagina. The main benefit of sounding is cited as providing a deep, intense sensation, and stimulating the prostate. Adding an electrical current to the sound further intensifies arousal and the subsequent orgasm.

Electronic vibrators, probes, dildos, and geisha balls AKA Ben Wa balls or Kegel exercisers are also popular toys when it comes to erotic electro stimulation. Probes and geisha balls provide seriously intense sensations as they are inserted into some of the most sensitive parts of the body.

When used in the vagina, the electric pulses travel up and down the vaginal walls and stimulate the G-spot. When attached to a power source, the intensity of the electronic pulses can be adjusted and intensified for hands free orgasms.

These toys are often able to be used in their non EES forms as well as for erotic electro stimulation. It is important that waterbased lube is used with electro stim toys as silicone lube can act as an insulator. On lower settings, sometimes sensations can be so faint that you will barely feel a tingle. As you get to experiment further with lower settings this tingle can increase more into a tickle.

Imagine how good it feels to be teased and tickled along the side of your body. Now imagine gentle vibrations following this tickling sensation. Far from painful!

Of course, if you are into pain, there is the option for that too! On moderate settings the tickling sensation feels firmer and is often compared to sensations felt from a high-powered vibrator. Your nerve endings will start to become more aroused and stimulation will become firmer. This setting is often used for insertable sex toys, due to the resemblance of a vibrator. On higher settings sensations begin to feel similar to strong pins and needles or even becomes a light sting.

Stimulation becomes a lot firmer and can even cause your muscles to contract. When starting out it is vital that you start with the power switched off and slowly increase the intensity in order for you to discover the settings which best feels comfortable for you. After the first few times experimenting with electrosex your skin can become a little red and tender where the electrodes were attached and where electro sex toys came into contact with the skin.

It is important to treat these areas with care and apply moisturizer. It is also common to experience muscle soreness and twinges for a couple of days afterwards but generally this is more relevant for those who are experimenting with higher settings. Do not forget to keep all attachments clean! The most important thing to remember with electrosex is that it will be different for each individual. Others may not be able to handle as much as you can, or vice versa.

Consult a physician before engaging in any form of erotic electrostimulation play. If you are pregnant, have a heart condition, or have a pacemaker fitted, you should not engage in any form of electric play. Only use electric devices that have been made specifically for use with the human body by reputable sex toy retailers. Make sure to apply the appropriate conductive gel to electrode pads before use, and use waterbased lube when inserting any EES toys.

When cleaning your erotic electrostimulation devices, ensure they are turned off with no power running through them to avoid the possibility of serious electrocution. As always, when playing with a partner make sure a safe word has been agreed on before engaging in play, and that boundaries that all parties are comfortable with have been set. The Heat. Hot Gossip. Sex Positions. Sexual Health. Relationship Advice.

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Posted in Sex Toy Guides. Aftercare After the first few times experimenting with electrosex your skin can become a little red and tender where the electrodes were attached and where electro sex toys came into contact with the skin.

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Masturbation , erotic massage , sexual intercourse, a handjob or fingering are types of physical sexual stimulation involving the genitals. For example, a transient over-voltage on the mains input can damage the isolation of the transformer, resulting in the output terminals becoming live. Cruel bdsm torture - tabasco on electric buttplug tabasco The image of the woman receiving electrostimulation shows a deprecated practice. Avoid using audio amplifiers to avoid tissue damage.

Sexual stimulation electrical current

Sexual stimulation electrical current

Sexual stimulation electrical current

Sexual stimulation electrical current

Sexual stimulation electrical current

Sexual stimulation electrical current. Search form

Each subcategory has questions scored either arousal, lubrication, orgasm, pain or desire, satisfaction. The sum for each subcategory is multiplied by a factor of either 0. The minimum score for desire is 1.

Only the results from the 9 subjects who completed the study were analyzed. Talk with your doctor and family members or friends about deciding to join a study. To learn more about this study, you or your doctor may contact the study research staff using the contacts provided below. For general information, Learn About Clinical Studies. Hide glossary Glossary Study record managers: refer to the Data Element Definitions if submitting registration or results information.

Search for terms x. Save this study. Warning You have reached the maximum number of saved studies Surface Stimulation for Female Sexual Dysfunction The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators.

Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U. Federal Government. Read our disclaimer for details. Results First Posted : April 9, Last Update Posted : April 9, Study Description. Female sexual dysfunction, including sexual arousal disorder, has a significant clinical impact, affecting millions of women in the United States alone.

Peripheral nerve stimulation, such as posterior tibial nerve stimulation PTNS and dorsal genital nerve stimulation DGNS can modulate neural circuits for bladder and fecal continence.

The investigators hypothesize that periodic DGNS and PTNS will modulate autonomic neural circuits and promote improvements in sexual function in women with sexual arousal disorder.

Subjects will be randomized to receive one of the stimulation approaches. Subjects will have weekly minute sessions across twelve weeks.

Arms and Interventions. Both arms will receive stimulation from the same TENS transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation unit with identical stimulation frequency, but potentially different amplitudes depending on the subject's stimulation threshold. Outcome Measures. In the s, experimenters noticed that bare speaker wires could deliver a jolt and began using recorded and live sound for electrostimulation.

At that time, there were no professionally made attachments for such play, so people built their own out of copper plumbing parts and other metal pieces with attention to resistors placed in series with the human parts to control the current for safety. Although early e-stim units used only a simple, pulsed , sinusoidal wave , newer units use more complex wave forms and also allow for the use of ambient sound or prerecorded wave forms like music or specially designed computer files for specific types of stimulation.

There are now sites dedicated to the creation of MP3 files specifically for erotic journeys or symphonies, which can include such routines as rewards, punishments, very strong, and pleasantly soft portions. EMS units are designed to cause muscle contraction. An increasing number of "body toner" or "electromassage"-type power sources are being marketed directly to consumers. Though lacking in options compared to the more expensive specialized units, these have proven to be an inexpensive method for entry level practice.

Some people craft "homemade" electrostimulation power sources, or adapt or modify commercial products such as a Hifi or DVD system that were never intended for electrostimulation of the human body.

These can be dangerous practices; such improvised devices not specifically designed for use on the human body can easily cause injury. First the device can supply too much power. Second the insulation of most devices is not suited for medical equipment. For example, a transient over-voltage on the mains input can damage the isolation of the transformer, resulting in the output terminals becoming live.

Erotic electrostimulation power sources are specifically designed and manufactured for erotic use on the human body. The first analog devices became popular during the mids, and during the late s digital devices also became available. Both types usually allow for adjustments of frequency and power output levels, some with complex preset "programs" and computer controls.

The setups usually consist of a "box" and electrodes connected by wiring. Many of the boxes are portable and can be powered by batteries or come with built-in rechargeable batteries. Some units can be connected to remote operators via an Internet -connected computer or controlled via radio frequency key fobs. Units which can be powered by a 9 volt battery are preferable to those plugged into mains as they reduce the risk of accidental injury.

There are other medical methods that have led to patent filings, such as the discovery that placing electrodes in the spinal cord can induce pleasurable feelings leading to orgasm. Other kinds of apparatus use interferential currents with four surface electrodes to replace the internal electrodes. An electrode is used to deliver the actual electrostimulation to the body. The image of the woman receiving electrostimulation shows a deprecated practice. Placing electrodes anywhere on the chest is risking current passing through the heart, which risks cardiac arrhythmia or arrest.

The general rule for electrostimulation is 'only below the waist'. For erotic electrostimulation, these are typically items designed to be applied to the genitals such as vaginal plugs and shields, anal plugs , probes to directly stimulate the prostate, testicle rings, CBT boards , cock rings , urethral probes, and other items for penile application. The pads used with TENS units are also used in the sexual application of electrostimulation.

There are also electrified nipple and breast electrodes available, but while there is disagreement within the e-stim community about their safety the most commonly held consensus is 'only below the waist'. The electrodes can be made of metals such as gold , silver , aluminum , and stainless steel. There are also electrodes made out of conductive silicone. Conductive rubber is a cheap, flexible and efficient option. Violet wands were originally electric and neon testers, but are now split into two types: mechanical Tesla Coil , and solid-state wands.

Violet wands can deliver a variety of sharp, cutting, or piercing type sensations. The collet is inside the cone end of the violet wand and is where glass and metal probes are inserted to be used with the wand. The cone is there to prevent sparks jumping from the collet directly to subject. Violet wands can be used anywhere on the body but should not be used around the eyes.

Electroconductive gels play an important role in the success of erotic electrostimulation since without it, there is a greater risk of high-current skin burning.

Water-based lubricants are generally recommended. Typically it is recommended to avoid any lubricant that contains silicone since it is an insulator and hence reduces conductivity. Practitioners of electrostimulation select lubricants for compatibility with the material of the electrodes, as well as for desirable conductive properties, which can maximize the strength and quality of the signal.

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What Is Erotic E-Stim - Electrosex

Takeaway: Electric play is all about exploring fear, excitement and even pain. It has been republished here with permission from the author. Ask somebody to imagine a torture scene. Psychologists say this depends on the atavistic threat common to both fire and electricity: they are by nature seemingly difficult to control and unpredictable.

Moreover, only an unlucky few have actually had first-hand experience with their effects, while most people only have an imprecise - albeit no less terrifying - idea about how much pain they can cause, especially in the case of an electrical current. This is precisely the reason for the prevalence of the psychological component in BDSM electric play.

On the other hand, those who have already experienced these games usually find the way the electrical impulses act to be quite exciting. In fact, unlike what happens with other forms of stimulation, you can't resist electricity at all.

The body is totally at the mercy of its invisible power, and this absolute lack of control is undeniably alluring for a submissive person. Even more so than with other games, when dealing with electricity it is essential that the Dom is prepared, that he has studied and knows exactly what he is doing.

Domestic power sockets should also be an exclusive of the leading gangsters in trashy detective movies. The reason — just to put any uncertainty to rest — is very simple: electricity is dangerous. It is essential that you have no doubts about this point: it only takes one second for an electrical pulse to cause burns, sprains, fractures or permanent brain damage, and with high amperage it only takes a hundredth of a second to kill somebody.

Knowing and following their indications will allow you to safely have fun, experiencing unique and not necessarily painful sensations.

Leaving aside complicated technical terms and details reserved to the professionals, the general principle of all games involving electricity is quite simple. Every device features two electrodes, respectively connected to the positive and negative pole of the power source: when you connect them by placing them onto a common conductive surface, the current flows between them along a roughly linear course.

Whatever stands in its path absorbs a certain amount of electricity and is subject to its effects. In our case, between the two electrodes there is obviously a human body part, composed of various types of tissue.

The effect of an electric flux on this tissue depends on the type of cells that constitute it, on the duration of the pulse and the intensity of the current - or, to be more precise, its amperage. Let's examine these aspects one at a time. Where the Current Flows Electrical toys are normally applied to the skin, which however is not all the same. The thickness of the epidermis in fact varies between different body parts, and several characteristics can influence its electric conductivity; for example the moisture and salinity of sweat, the presence of hairs impeding consistent contact, or natural oils that partially isolate it.

This means that the same electric pulse can have quite different effects depending on the targeted area, to the extent that it may feel imperceptible on one point but unbearable on another.

Understanding which are the most sensitive parts is intuitive:. Another key factor is the amount of flesh involved: the larger the area, the greater the dispersion of the pulse, which therefore has less perceivable effects. In other words, by distancing the electrodes the intensity decreases. One corollary is that the game becomes more bearable and less dangerous if you use larger contact points that uniformly adhere to the skin.

The epidermis is capable of absorbing decent amounts of power, but when the latter increases, the subcutaneous tissue is inevitably also affected. The most important consequence concerns the muscles: by their very nature the passage of electricity causes an involuntary contraction, as anybody who has ever seen a passive gymnastics device at work would know.

These spasms are a key aspect of electrostimulation, since they are what makes the difference between a pleasurable game and death. There are three types of contractions you must be aware of, which depend on the body part involved:. Genitals If the twitching muscles are the ones in the anogenital area, the effect can be rather interesting and pleasurable, since a series of pulses causes a strange deep massage with masturbating effects.

Major Muscles The leg and arm muscles, but others too, generate remarkable power. Making them involuntarily contract can be hazardous, as the pulse turns into potentially violent kicks and punches. Holding them, for example with bondage , is even worse: the contraction happens anyway, and can cause sprains, pulled muscles or - in extreme cases - broken bones.

Cardiorespiratory S ystem If what contracts at the wrong time is the diaphragm, a respiratory crisis could occur. This is the main cause of medical emergencies related to electrostimulation and should not be underestimated even in the case of perfectly healthy and fit subjects. This is even more true for people who have already experienced cardiac issues or who use a pacemaker. As the length increases, even staying well below one single second, the intracellular substances will first be polarized, and then even undergo an electrolysis process; in other words they become disassembled and lose their functionality.

If we further prolong the pulse, the cell will get cooked for good. All these effects, which in any electrostimulation occur to some minimal extent anyway, are partially cumulative. For our interests, this leads us to two simple tips. First, do not unnecessarily extend any game involving electricity; secondly, move the electrodes often. This also prevents the body from getting used to the stimulation, thus making it less pleasurable.

The last element to be considered is obviously the intensity of the current used. This issue can be discussed at length wasting a whole lot of effort on big words, but in the end only two things matter: what you feel and which effects it causes on a physiological level.

For the first aspect, the sensations are as follows, in ascending order of power:. Involuntary Muscle Reaction This is the principle behind fitness electro-stimulators.

If you direct a current through a muscle, it contracts even if you don't want it to. If you do so with the right rhythm and in the right place, things become interesting. Cooked Tissues Cells fry, with effects ranging from a tiny skin burn to the electric chair special, complete with a charred and smoking corpse. For the second issue, you can refer to the following table, adapted from the only official document published on the matter by medical researchers. Non-painful shock. Circuit breakers should be calibrated to switch off any device exceeding an unprotected output of this intensity.

Involuntary muscle contraction and painful shock. The average limit for men is Intense pain, muscle contraction and respiratory arrest. In most adults at ma ventricular fibrillation occurs. Risk of death. Involuntary spasms can throw the body away from the power source.

Ventricular fibrillation, muscle contraction and neurological damage. High probability of death, cardiac arrest and severe burns. This is the power of lightning strikes. The above data refers to a 60 Hz alternate current applied continuously, and should therefore be considered as purely indicative. All the electrical devices used in BDSM in fact use higher - and safer - frequencies, but more importantly pulses of a very short duration. This confirms what we said in the beginning: it is indispensable to use only specific devices for our games.

There is only one rule: go to a specialized sex shop. You will probably notice that the items bear price tags that tend to cause more heart attacks than the electricity they produce. However, this is one of the few cases in which it is worth spending as much as possible - indeed, the price reflects the quality of the materials and the research behind it, providing a better and risk-free experience.

Given the choice, it is also advisable to buy CE or FCC certified devices, since by law they must pass extremely strict tests and therefore guarantee a higher level of safety. At the heart of any electrical game there is a generator, also known as a "power box.

One of them usually regulates the current intensity while another modulates its frequency, from one spike every however many seconds to a sequence so quick it is perceived as one continuous flow. These features can be duplicated for each of the various available outputs - normally two to six - to which different types of electrodes are attached.

The above list includes the main brands of devices specifically designed for erotic use. Some enthusiasts also use other types of generators, including medical devices generally called TENS units and passive exercise devices, which however reach higher power levels and can definitely become dangerous if used incorrectly.

Any power box can be connected to several accessories, which fall into two major categories. Unipolar Accessories Unipolar accessories are simple electrodes. Given they are connected to only one pole of the generator they can't be used alone, but require another unipolar terminal not necessarily with the same shape to close the circuit and thus allow the flow of electricity.

The advantage of these accessories is their versatility: by moving one of the two electrodes you can stimulate different and wider body areas. The flip side of the coin is that they carry all the risks mentioned in the previous pages, since it is possible and extremely inadvisable to position them in ways that direct the current through the chest.

The most common unipolar accessories are electrode pads, like those used in medicine. They are square pieces of sticky rubberlike material incorporating metal particles to conduct electricity. Like every accessory they perform best when covered with a thin layer of conductive gel, which helps to create a smooth contact surface. These objects, also used in fitness devices, are used to stimulate relatively wide areas such as the buttocks or the groin.

Their most sadistic variants are clamps - sometimes particularly strong ones - whose use should now be intuitive. Other unipolar variants include bands and cock rings to be placed around the base of the penis, Wartenberg wheels, and brushes similar to those used by jazz drummers, perfect for caressing or to administer light floggings. Dildos and butt plugs are much more interesting: they definitely require a degree of caution when used but can offer unique sensations.

One peculiar trick, once you have found the right settings, is forcing the anus to repeatedly contract and relax, thus involuntarily moving the toy inside and outside in a curious and endless form of self-sodomy. Every manufacturer also offers accessories designed to penetrate the urethra , especially of males. There are two main implications: a generally more intense effect due to the short distance between the poles - which suggests a reduction in the intensity of the stimulation - and the possibility to also use them on nipples.

Personally, although I have never heard of accidents where such toys were involved, I still believe the off-chance of an overcharged pulse upsetting the cardiac cycle is too much of a risk. Those who harbor fewer doubts, however, can buy bipolar clamps - great for applying elsewhere, too - and breast cups. Among them: the vaginal shield a curved plate with two conductive bands in correspondence with the labia : the gynecological speculum, whose mechanical expansion provides an interesting contrast with the electricity-induced contractions, and the parachute, used to wrap up the scrotum.

Additional torture options are available for male genitalia, including electrified penis sheaths, the so-called "butterfly board," which is actually composed of two plastic squares one of which features an access hole between which the penis is squeezed and shocked, and various testicular presses, made even more evil by the flow of electricity.

Electrostatic Devices An alternative to the objects mentioned so far are those devices that use static electricity, the same that sometimes crackles and gives you a shock when you touch a car door. These are based on the concept of two surfaces close together, one of which is charged with electric energy: when the body gets close enough, the charge finds a route through the air and the poor victim, closing the circuit that brings it to the other surface. The well-known result is a blue spark, a pop and the victim's yelping.

Besides being very spectacular these devices are often capable of unleashing considerable power, which makes them also pretty threatening. The king of electrostatic torments was created in the U.

Sexual stimulation electrical current

Sexual stimulation electrical current