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Sorcerer hunter nude

Sorcerer hunter nude

Zanma Kenden. Funny 1, Maburaho was animated by JC Staff back when they were among the nude-ecchi pioneers of the industry, and was directed by Shinichiro Kimura who Sorcerer hunter nude previously directed Popotan and Cosplay Complex. Prison School aka Kangoku Gakuen. Koko ga Uwasa no El Palacio non-nude. Download 11 1. To get any nudity from A-1 Pictures was a shocker, which is why Sorcerfr Operation nearly made this list as well.

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Her real name is Kanure Stella and she, alongside Sacher Torte, formed the Sorcerer Hunters, and henceforth dedicated her life Sorcerer hunter nude the punishment of evil Sorcerers. Tira even gets miffed when she sees Chocola incessantly flirting with Carrot. Official Sites. His advantage is immense physical strength Free underwear twink sex clips to a lifetime of martial arts training; he is also partially immune to magic due to that strength. Discotek Media. More recommendations. Add Tag. Carrot Glace 4 episodes, Her anime attire, however, has a more colorful Sorcerer hunter nude, consisting of a tight, skimpy, orange and white leotard with an emerald "tie", white gloves and heels. For example, one entire chapter is a dedicated parody of the popular Iron Chef cooking show. The Haz Knights are the most elite Sorcerer Hunters, with amazing powers, augmented by magical armor. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He becomes an ally of the Sorcerer Hunters during the Crystal Magicians' story arc, although Gateau is reluctant to trust him.

I love the element of surprise.

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  • Akahori and Omishi also published Sorcerer Hunters Special , a one-volume story set sometime after the series' conclusion.
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I love the element of surprise. This list celebrates the twenty-five most unexpected moments to show nudity in an anime TV series. All of the above were anime that did not appear likely to feature nudity on their TV runs, but ended up adding nudity on blu-ray. With that said, here my top 25 surprise nude scenes in anime history:. Appearing in the mid-oughts, A-1 Pictures sprinted out of the gate producing several mega-hit titles and establishing itself as perhaps the most mainstream of all anime companies.

Up until the winter season of they had never animated so much as a single nipple, but that ended with not one but two animes that season the other being Vividred Operation. To get any nudity from A-1 Pictures was a shocker, which is why Vividred Operation nearly made this list as well. Magi though, nobody really expected this. Though Djinn appears the same in the manga, her nipples are mostly faded out and it would be easy to assume that A-1 Pictures would change this in some way.

There was no attempt at hiding them at all- her nipples were there to see in all their glory even in the original TBS broadcast version. Minds were blown. Brain Powerd was a fairly mediocre mecha anime from the late s. But it did do one thing very right. Sixteen years later, it is more famous for what it did in its opening credits than for anything that happened in the actual episodes.

And by that, I mean showing shitloads of naked women. Naked women flying all over the screen, everywhere. Then the second season came along and ratcheted up the nudity ten-fold. The second season was pretty nice for service, which dulls the surprise of this series in retrospect, but at the time the nudity from the first season was considered a shocking development. Nudity is uncommon in anime, but finding nudity in anime that is based on a console video game is especially rare.

W-Wish was originally a game for Playstation 2, and the anime itself was the kind that went out of its way to avoid showing nipples during the various fanservice moments. Even the disk special omake teased with light beams or objects covering the naughty bits. As you would expect. This project was based on a video game, and by going too far they risk hurting the image of the game they are basing the anime on. Then the third omake happened, and suddenly we saw something new.

Then the fourth and final omake came out and proved the third omake was no fluke. There was some light fanservice here and there, but nothing worth getting hot and bothered for. The OVA starts off by granting the protaganist and ability to see through clothing. Naturally, this ability cannot see beyond bras or panties. After seeing that, I was more sure than ever that this show would never go for nudity.

Then just minutes later, the youngest and least likely to be nude character walks right up bra-less see above.

Did NOT see that coming. The show would add two more nipple sightings at the very end during an onsen scene gone awry. The manga is full of nudity, but the anime completely wimped out.

That is, until the OVA gave us a token nude scene near the very end. It makes sense- s Lupin episodes have been airing late-night on Cartoon Network since forever ago, and these Americanized episodes generally maintain a PG-rated status quo. The corny, old fashioned nature of the series almost makes it feel like an anime equivalent of Scooby-Doo. Further, there have been numerous Lupin movies that were released in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. And many of those movies showed nudity. So though the nudity has surprised many for this series, in reality nude scenes have long been a tradition for this franchise.

Amaenaideyo , aka Ah my Buddha! A group of monks and mystics must exorcise powerful and dangerous evil spirits, but at times their only hope of victory is by unlocking a powerful subconscious alter-ego from within the main character. Though Amaenaideyo was actually a pretty good manga and worth reading by anyone with an open mind, let there be no mistake, everything and I mean everything centered around showing nipples.

No matter what happened, everything always worked its way into a nude scene of some kind. So when the anime came out, you would normally expect nudity to be part of the equation. Not only were the initial 12 episodes non-nude, but they teased the hell out of viewers too, making you think this would be the time it would happen, never to deliver. The actual TV episodes for the first season were categorically non-nude, one of the bigger ecchi travesties of all time.

Thankfully, and to my personal surprise, this changed when they released a 13th episode via a post-series OVA. And even this episode remained non-nude up until the final ten minutes. But once the girls climbed in the tub and the first pair was shown, it was pretty much a total fapfest from then on.

Nude scenes one after another. Thankfully the second season also had an after-series OVA that saved the day with a huge amount of nude service. From the start, Code Geass was a fiercely mainstream anime, the kind you could show your non-anime fan friends. This show undoubtedly won many converts to anime fandom. So when Kallen turns around in the shower in the blu-ray version of episode three and you actually see her nipples for a split second, it definitely surprised the hell out of me.

Two more nude scenes would follow later in the series, three if you count the color-inverted CC from the second season intro. The disk specials for season one also added a bit of nudity too. Numerous chances for nudity were tactically missed, and the overall vibe of the anime was very kawaii and not very erotic. Prior to this last episode, the various near-nudity moments almost felt like an unwelcome intrusion into an otherwise pure-hearted story. Then the final scene happens, and yes, the anime producers had the balls to do it just as unabashedly as the manga had done.

Of course, I think this was the right decision as it pulled the viewers into the same intimate world the characters were living in during that moment. Then a bath scene happens in episode seven of season two, and well, you can see the results. In recent times especially, companies that encounter huge success tend to avoid nudity like the plague, not wishing to spoil the good will of the mainstream otaku.

The source manga itself had nudity, and similar anime in the past had ventured into nude scene territory anime such as Black Lagoon , which probably should have made this list too. But when WHITE FOX went for three straight gratuitous nude scenes in back to back to back episodes 11, 12, 13 it was a bit over the top, especially for a company that was not expected go to there at all. Based on a manga with occasional nude service and animated by a company feel.

In theory. But, for the first 11 episodes, there was zero nudity and only a few times when frontal nudity was even hinted at. The final episode not only goes for nudity, but it does so in rather intense fashion, with the protagonist envisioning graphic sex scenes with Subaru that might as well have been plucked straight out of Yosuga no Sora which coincidentally, was also made by feel.

Maburaho was animated by JC Staff back when they were among the nude-ecchi pioneers of the industry, and was directed by Shinichiro Kimura who had previously directed Popotan and Cosplay Complex. There were some reasons to think that Maburaho , a decently funny ecchi comedy, would have some nudity potential. The manga, however, was nude free as best as I can remember, and the anime itself was non-nude through 18 episodes, passing up chance after chance after chance after chance.

Every changing scene had obstacles, every bath scene had opaque water. Then, quite suddenly and randomly, nudity occurs four minutes into the 19th episode. Kuriko and Chihaya are envisioned in the nude. The nudity is brief and was in both cases non-animated a zoom out of a single image in each case. Regardless, this sudden nudity was certainly a pleasant surprise which added a nice perk to an anime that was worth watching even without the cheesecake.

This was a huge surprise given its near-iconic status in the early s. As with everything else in the show, the nudity is used in a humorous context. The year was when nudity in TV anime bottomed out after a strong start earlier in the decade. Almost every ecchi anime was based around blank boobs and opaque bathing water during this time. If I recall correctly, the most nudity from any series belongs to… Air Gear. This anime was more about cuteness than sexiness, despite its eroge origins.

And just five minutes in, we are shocked by the sight of bare boobs in our face as the girls take to a public bath. As far as I know, the light novel and manga spinoff are without frontal nudity. The TV series teased nudity, but did so in the kind of way that you knew was just tease and nothing more.

A follow up season Kore wa zombie desu ka? Given that the series had gone two full seasons without nudity and seemed like the kind of anime that would never go there, even a small amount of nudity at the very end was a huge surprise. The main anime itself went 26 episodes and featured a central character who only uses a thin pair of suspenders to conceal her huge bouncing boobs.

There is a ton of sex appeal throughout the series from other characters too, but the show was very careful to never show nudity.

Other series with a similar style of service at the time would usually make it a point to slip one or two nipple sightings in, but not Sorcerer Hunters , no matter how impossible the physics of those suspenders may have been. Due to the popularity of the series, a small number of post-series OVA were produced.

And lots of it. Pretty much the whole reason to watch was service; it was sexy as hell, and it teased with highly suggestive censorship and at other times, blank boobs. Unfortunately, the BD version of Kampfer was a massive disappointment, removing none of the censorship and proving the series to be a total waste of time despite its massive potential.

By the time the fifth BD came out without nudity pretty much everyone had written this series off as a tease-only show. The sixth BD failed to add frontal nudity to any of the episodes, but it did something rather epic in the final disc special. The final special was under a minute in length, but showed a random shower scene for Shizuku totally uncensored, with several slow panning, up close views of her nipples.

In other words, unabashed fap material. Though obviously you would have liked to see more than one 60 second omake, this bonus scene was one of the biggest pleasant surprises ever for an ecchi anime.

He seeks the " Necronomicon ", a book that will give him absolute control over the dead. Big Mama is an imposing being with great magical abilities. Van Helsing, battles the supernatural with the aid of two vampires. He wields twin axes that can inflict serious damage. They are:. Overall Rating : 5.

Sorcerer hunter nude

Sorcerer hunter nude

Sorcerer hunter nude

Sorcerer hunter nude. Information

Jun 11, Overall Rating : 9. Feb 12, Overall Rating : 5. Oct 2, Overall Rating : 7. May 25, More recommendations. View All. More discussions. Add Detailed Info. Edit Synopsis In the continent of spooner, sorcerers, who are the continent's aristocrats, have begun to abuse their powers.

Under the guidance of Big Momma their boss Carrot who turns into a giant monster every time he's placed under a magic spell , Gateau a bodybuilder , Marron a mage , Chocolate and Tira who can transform into dominatrix's at will must stop the evil sorcerers from picking on the weak; however, none of them except maybe Marron have a clue to what's going on. Help improve our database by adding background information here.

Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. Bakuretsu Hunters OVA. Misu, Chocolate Main. Mizutani, Yuuko Japanese. Misu, Tira Main. Hayashibara, Megumi Japanese. Glace, Marron Main. Madono, Mitsuaki Japanese. Glace, Carrot Main. Furumoto, Shinnosuke Japanese. Mocha, Gateau Main. Yanada, Kiyoyuki Japanese. Daughter Supporting. Tamagawa, Sakiko Japanese. Sukoya Supporting. Her main weapon is her garrote and she is incredibly skilled with it. It's suggested that her character was inspired by Lum from Urusei Yatsura.

It consists of a leather cap with the Nazi symbols of the eagle carrying the swastika as well as the Gestapo Death's Head , suspenders that barely cover her ample bust, leather pants and boots her dominatrix attire in the manga and OVAs is also reminiscent of that worn by Charlotte Rampling in the film The Night Porter. However, in the anime television series, her attire is more reflective of a biker: a slightly modest red leather bra top, along with similar leather pants, boots and cap sans the Nazi symbol , with red gloves.

At the end of the anime, after being reborn, Chocola appears in her manga outfit with her sister. Even though she loves Carrot sincerely, Chocola is a very jealous girl and is quite vicious and ferocious towards Carrot when she catches him cheating on her, and whips him mercilessly though she is most vicious to those that harm her friends, in particular Tira and Carrot. Normally, however, she is very amorous and romantic towards him, always smothering him in deep love and affection, which is the reason Carrot keeps his distance from her between the two sisters.

Oddly enough, her own image in these fantasies show her to be either meek or submissive, which is a big change from what she truly is. At the end of the manga, Chocola allows her sister to marry Carrot, though that doesn't stop her from trying to seduce him and bearing his children. An important part of the plot is that the five Sorcerer Hunters are reincarnations of five gods. They are:. Big Mama is an imposing being with great magical abilities. Her real name is Kanure Stella and she, alongside Sacher Torte, formed the Sorcerer Hunters, and henceforth dedicated her life to the punishment of evil Sorcerers.

The highest rank of the Sorcerer Hunters, the Haz Knights, are her personal bodyguards. Also known as Dotta, she is Big Mama's messenger and assistant. She is one of only two survivors of the Winged People. She wears qipao , and usually has her hair up in small buns. The Haz Knights are the most elite Sorcerer Hunters, with amazing powers, augmented by magical armor. Mille is the first to appear in the manga, while the others don't appear until volumes nine, ten and eleven.

Also known as Milphey-uy, he is a transvestite who most often acts with Carrot's group and has a thorough knowledge of necromancy and all kind of magic. His power comes from his Guardian Spirit, the Phoenix. He is pansexual and constantly flings himself at both Onion and Carrot, which draws more ire from Tira and Chocola, and flirts with them, though he's also shown some degree of interest in Gateau and Marron.

He is a master of magical chemistry, using test tubes and flasks as powerful magic explosives, as well as for other offensive and defensive uses. A former Haz Knight who left the group to raise a family.

He wields twin axes that can inflict serious damage. He married Apricot Anzu, a fellow hunter and is Carrot and Marron's father. His appearance is very similar to Carrot's, with the addition of a facial scar and a far more muscular body. After the death of Apricot, it seems he has become as much of a lecher as his oldest son, at times. Of the two he acts as if he dislikes Carrot, though adores Marron for the resemblance to his dead wife.

A former Sorcerer Hunteress who can change into her own outfit and uses a knife as well as nature magic. She was "killed" long ago by the Lord of Darkness Almond Rasseru who possessed her body.

However, her soul escaped and inhabited a new one—that of a female artificial human named Mousse. She becomes the head of the Stella Church at the end of the manga. She is Onion's wife and the Glace brothers' mother. A sorcerer of noble birth who is after the Crystal Magicians, who kidnapped his Parsoner girlfriend Audrey. He becomes an ally of the Sorcerer Hunters during the Crystal Magicians' story arc, although Gateau is reluctant to trust him. After the Magicians are defeated, he proposes to Audrey and vows to aid the Hunters whenever they ask.

Nicknamed the "Butterfly of Death", Shicho is a kunoichi ally of the Soga Clan who has poison in her blood. A pint-sized sorcerer with a lisp, he looks far more like his father who makes an appearance in the manga. Salad Chips is Potato's short and rather young-looking mother.

She is over 30 though looks no more than An elder at the village of hunters who resembles Yoda from Star Wars , he offers wisdom and support to Sorcerer Hunters though his true identity has a far darker twist see below in Enemies. The Crystal Magicians , who turn humans into gems used for mystical purposes. They are appropriately named after jewels. The first of the Crystal Magicians to appear.

He was responsible for kidnapping Qui Shurein's girlfriend Audrey and turning her into a gem. He tries to do the same to Carrot, but is killed by Gateau. The leader of the Crystal Magicians. Appearing initially as a mischievous young boy, he later reveals his true age and form a centuries-old man to the Sorcerer Hunters. He is killed by Carrot. The most powerful of the Crystal Magicians. He uses a magic void to draw Marron in, but is burned alive from within by Marron's phoenix spell.

Ra's lover. She kisses Carrot and Gateau to place them under her control. She later tries to trap Chocola into a crystal, but is impaled by Chocola's garotte. A sorcerer doctor and wielder of the Plantina Energy, he was once an ally of Big Mama. He helped found the Sorcerer Hunters, but eventually left because of differences between himself and Mama.

He is Chocola and Tira's adoptive father. He's named after the Austrian dessert. A powerful Necromancer. He seeks the " Necronomicon ", a book that will give him absolute control over the dead. He is defeated by Carrot in his beast form and ultimately killed by Mille Feuille.

They are named after stars. Lendoll Carlsburg , the sonic gunslinger from the town of Tamales who gave the hunters all they could handle. There is some debate over whether Sorcerer Hunters was edited to match with Japanese broadcast standards for children's television or whether the show was altered to appeal more to younger audiences without controversy.

Many characters who did not appear in the television series appeared in the OVA. Also, Tira and Chocola who are 18 and 19 years old respectively look physically mature in their dominatrix alter egos.

Sorcerer Hunters has three releases in dramatic audio format in which the main roles are all performed by the same actors as in the TV series and OVA. The third set, Sorcerer Hunters SP, came out in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Discotek Media. November 6,

The Top 25 most surprising nude scenes ever – Fapservice

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Sorcerer hunter nude

Sorcerer hunter nude

Sorcerer hunter nude